Black Pepper Chicken

Black pepper chicken is a quick and easy dish that’s perfect for busy weeknights. Prepared with yummy spices and crisp bell peppers, it’s a delicious meal the whole family will enjoy!
Black Pepper Chicken
Stir-fries are a quick way to whip up a delicious meal for the family. You can pull them together in no time and with virtually whatever ingredients you have around.

But one problem I often encounter in this type of high-temp cooking is that the protein ends up dry and lacking in flavor. I’ve always wondered why the meat in stir-fry dishes from Chinese restaurants are moist and succulent with an almost velvet-like texture.

Well, folks, the answer behind the velvety texture, I found out, is called velveting.

Cooking technique for moist and tender meat

Velveting is a Chinese cooking method wherein chicken, pork, beef, or fish is marinated in a mixture of egg white, cornstarch, and rice wine and then briefly blanched in oil or water. The velveted meat is finished off with other ingredients in quick stir-fry applications such as in beef broccoli and this black pepper chicken.

The simple process creates a protective coat that seals moisture and protects the meat from overcooking, keeping it super moist and tender.

Helpful tips

I like to use boneless, skinless chicken thigh or leg meat in this recipe, but breast will work as well.
Slice the meat across the grain and into uniform thickness to ensure a tender chew and even cooking.
Stir-frying is a quick procedure; make sure to have all the ingredients prepped and ready to go.
This version calls for bell peppers and onions; feel free to swap celery, spring onions, mushrooms, baby corn, or carrots.
For best results, use freshly ground black pepper and season the dish generously

How to serve

Serve this delicious chicken stir-fry with steamed or fried rice and chow mein for an Asian-themed lunch or dinner.
Keep leftovers in a container with tight-fitting lid and store in the fridge for up to 3 days or in the freezer for up to 2 months.
Warm-up in the microwave at 2 to 3-minute intervals until heated through, stirring well after each interval.

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