Homemade Mango Nectar

Homemade mango nectar bursting with fresh mango flavor is the perfect thirst-quencher! With only three natural ingredients, it’s a cool and refreshing drink you’ll love all Summer long.

We’re headed to Summer here in the U.S., and although I might whine and grumble and whine some more about the hot weather, I do look forward to the abundance of fresh produce that comes with the season.

Just the sweet aroma of juicy Manila mangoes alone is worth the sordid heat in my book!

Not only are fruits plentiful during warmer months, but they are also at their best and sweetest. And cheaper, too!

I was able to score, to my delight, a case of about a dozen pieces of Manila mangoes for less than $10 at Seafood City last weekend, and I’ve been having a blast these past few days turning them into all sorts of yummy, summery treats.

Looking for a special dessert for your next get-together? My version of mango royale is so quick and easy to make, you’ll be the hero of the party with hardly any work. Screaming for ice cream? Try my no-churn mango ice cream! It’s hands down the richest, silkiest and with the most intense mango flavor ice cream you’ll ever taste!

In the mood for a fruity baked treat? This mango bread loaf is perfect with your cup of coffee or tea. And, of course, there’s always this homemade mango nectar.

What is a Mango Nectar

Mango nectar is a tropical beverage made of fresh mango pulp and sweetened with simple syrup. Crisp and refreshing with a sweet and tangy taste, it’s the perfect thirst quencher.

Unlike commercial brands with a long list of additives and preservatives you can hardly pronounce, this homemade version has only three all-natural ingredients: fresh mangoes, water, and sugar. You can make your own batch in three easy steps!

Easy instructions

In a saucepan over medium heat, combine sugar and water. Bring to a simmer, stirring regularly, until sugar is dissolved and syrup is clear and no longer cloudy. Remove from heat and allow to cool completely.
Slice the mangoes and scoop the flesh, discarding the pit and skin. In a blender or food processor, process the mango flesh into a smooth pulp.
In a pitcher, combine the mango puree and simple syrup. Stir until well combined and refrigerate to chill. When the juice is nicely chilled, pour in serving glasses over ice and enjoy!
Smart tip!
For best results, use Ataulfo or Manila mangoes which have sweet mango taste and a velvety, less fibrous texture.
As it has no added preservatives, this homemade mango nectar has a shorter storage life than most canned juices. Keep refrigerated and enjoy within 2 to 3 days for maximum quality.

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